Discover the InvisiHitch Towbar

Discover the InvisiHitch Towbar

September 10, 2015

If there’s one particular item that might justifiably be described as a weapon of mass destruction against your shins, it is without a doubt the standard towbar, most commonly found at the back of a car. Fixed at just the right height, ready to attack; they’ve had their fun for too long. Not only that, but they can look pretty ugly too.

However, tow bar technology has advanced rapidly over the last 15 years, which spells good news for your shins and not-so-good news for the standard tow bar. Billed as the future of towbar technology is the InvisiHitch. Designed by ExecuHitch, its major advantage is that it gets installed behind the car’s bumper rather than onto it and is virtually unseen once the ball mount has been removed. This means no ugly, unsightly bumper detracting from the visual appeal of your car and also no protrusion to bump into with your shins!

Key features and benefits

The InvisiHitch is fast growing in popularity with drivers that don’t want their tow bar to be visible when it’s not being used. The underneath the bumper placement and ‘hidden’ design innovations mean that many bumpers won’t need cut outs to accommodate the unit.

When it comes to attaching the ball mount to the tow bar, you can choose between the manual or automatic operated InvisiHitch.

Also available is a variety of accessories, from bike racks and recovery / rescue unit adapters to four and six-hole bumper protector ball mounts. The four-hole option is best suited for most cars and smaller sized SUVs, while the six-hole is best used on larger SUVs that require a drop in tow ball height.

If you’d like to have the InvisiHitch installed to your vehicle, speak to the team at FiveStar Towbars today. Call 1300 787 008 – we’ll come to you anywhere in metropolitan Melbourne!

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