Are You Sure Your Trailer Is Travel Ready?
May 30, 2016

Back when I learned to drive a car, my instructor took me through a process called the ‘cabin drill’. The cabin drill was something I was taught to do every time I got behind the wheel, before I even put the key in the ignition. It involved checking that all doors were closed and that the handbrake was applied. If necessary, I would then adjust the seat, the head restraint,…

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How to Choose a Bicycle Hitch Rack for Your Car
June 21, 2016

It’s November and the weather is getting considerably warmer, which means that many of us will be getting out to enjoy the great outdoors. One activity that many people like to do in the warmer weather is cycling, whether it be mountain biking on a holiday to the Grampians or just getting on the push bike early on a Sunday morning for exercise. Of course, if you are going away…

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Product Spotlight – Tow Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller
September 16, 2016

An essential piece of equipment for any caravan or trailer that is being towed by a vehicle is an electric brake controller. This component is fixed either below or behind the dashboard of the towing vehicle. It sends an electric brake current to the towed vehicle which enables it to stop or slow down as the towing vehicle does. Fivestar Towbars is proud to add a new product to our…

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