Electric Brake Controller

Electric Brake Controller

When you’ve attached a trailer, caravan or other heavy, non-motorised vehicle to your towbar, ensuring the safety of yourself and others on the road becomes doubly important while towing. What happens if you have to make a sudden stop while you’re driving twice as much weight than you’re used to? This is precisely why electric brake controllers are so crucial. If you’re looking for an electric brake controller in Melbourne, trust the specialists at FiveStar Towbars to have exactly what you need.

Understanding Electric brake controllers

IMG_35761Australian law requires that any towed trailer or caravan that exceeds 750kg must be fitted with electric or hydraulic brakes. Electric brakes are activated via a current that comes from an electric brake controller. These are usually mounted below or discreetly hidden from view behind the dashboard of your car and control the brakes in the trailer when the towing vehicle slows or comes to a stop. This lowers the risk of collision between the two vehicles and any other people or vehicles on the road. There are two different types; proportional and time delayed. Proportional brake controllers use motion sensing technology to ascertain the speed at which the towing vehicle is slowing down and so slows the towed vehicle at a proportional speed. Time delayed brake controllers deliver a programmed amount of power to the brakes when the towing car or truck slows to a stop. This amount is preset by the driver and is largely reliant upon how much weight they are towing.

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