How to Choose a Bicycle Hitch Rack for Your Car

How to Choose a Bicycle Hitch Rack for Your Car

16th Apr 2021

It’s November and the weather is getting considerably warmer, which means that many of us will be getting out to enjoy the great outdoors. One activity that many people like to do in the warmer weather is cycling, whether it be mountain biking on a holiday to the Grampians or just getting on the push bike early on a Sunday morning for exercise.

Of course, if you are going away on holiday with family or friends and several of you want to bring bicycles, you’ll need to attach them to your vehicle for easy transportation. In this situation you’ll need to fix a bicycle rack to the back of your car. Specialist towbar fitters in Melbourne, Five Star Towbars, offer their advice as to how to choose the best bicycle hitch rack for your vehicle.

Attaching the Hitch Rack to Your Vehicle

If you’ve gone as far as to install a towbar to the back of your vehicle, half the job of attaching the bicycle hitch rack is already done! Once you’ve chosen the right hitch rack for your tow bar, simply fit it onto the ball and lock it in place with the supplied pin.

Points to Consider

So, you’re asking yourself the big question… how do I choose the right bicycle rack for my vehicle? While there are the options of roof racks and strap-on trunk racks, as specialists in tow bar installations, we’re more partial to the hitch-mounted rack. It’s one of the easiest to install on your car, as described above, and is less likely to cause damage to your vehicle like the strap-on racks have a tendency to do.

There are also many other points to consider when selecting the right product:

  • You’ll want to determine the maximum number of bicycles you’ll possibly want to transport at one time. Many can accommodate up to four per rack.
  • You’ll want to set your price range; variance in prices can often be attributed to the materials from which the bike rack has been made from.
  • You’ll want to consider whether you choose a fold away hitch rack or prefer a swing away rack. The swing away will typically add more to the price, but they also offer easier access to the back of your car.
  • You’ll also likely want to purchase an anti-rattle device. When you travel long distances on potentially bumpy and uneven roads, you won’t want to put up with the natural rattling sound that the hitch rack will make along the way. An anti-rattle device will nip that in the bud quick smart.

Bicycle hitch racks typically come in a range of sizes so you’ll want one that best fits your car and accommodates your bike(s). So this summer, if you’re going away with family or friends, why not take your pushie with you? You’ll be surprised by how easy it is. Get in touch with FiveStar Towbars about towbar installation in Melbourne today.

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