Product Spotlight – Tow Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller

Product Spotlight – Tow Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller

16th Apr 2021

An essential piece of equipment for any caravan or trailer that is being towed by a vehicle is an electric brake controller. This component is fixed either below or behind the dashboard of the towing vehicle. It sends an electric brake current to the towed vehicle which enables it to stop or slow down as the towing vehicle does. Fivestar Towbars is proud to add a new product to our range of brake controllers in Melbourne – the Tow Pro Elite electric brake controller from REDARC. We supply and install across the entire metropolitan area, ensuring your vehicles remain safe on the roads.

Tow Pro Elite Features and Benefits

An electric brake controller will typically feature two different types of braking. The first type is automatic braking, which is best suited to highway travelling. It uses inertia sensing to activate the trailer brakes at a level proportional to the braking level of the towing vehicle. The other type of braking is user-controlled, which works best in off-road conditions where the driver sets the level at which the trailer brakes are applied. The Tow Pro Elite allows you to easily switch between these two braking types depending on where you’re driving, ensuring optimal safety.

The Tow Pro Elite also features groundbreaking Active Calibration technology. Active Calibration frequently observes the direction of travel, eliminating the need for an initial calibration process. Even without a trailer or caravan attached to your vehicle, it is capable of undergoing calibration.

Coming with a two year warranty and meeting ADR21 safety standards when installed correctly, the Tow Pro Elite electric brake controller from REDARC makes a wonderful addition to the product range available from Fivestar Towbars. Tow Pro Elite brake controllers are also suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles and can be fitted to electric or hydraulic brakes, making them a versatile option.

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As a mobile provider of electric brake controller installation and maintenance services across Melbourne, Fivestar Towbars is able to come to you anywhere in the metropolitan area. To have the Tow Pro Elite installed in your vehicle, whether you’re at home or at work, get in touch with us today.

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