When Should I Replace My Towbar?

When Should I Replace My Towbar?

16th Apr 2021

I’m sure this comes as a shock to no one, but we live in a time where nothing lasts forever. Some products will last longer than others, sure, but everything has a shelf life. Even your car’s tow bar will at some point need to be replaced by a towbar fitter. But how do you know when that point is? FiveStar Towbars in Melbourne is here to advise you on the signs to look out for that tell you it is time to replace your towbar.

Things to look out for

Though it might seem like an innocuous part of your car, your towbar’s ability to carry extremely heavy weights (boats, caravans, trailers etc) actually makes it quite invaluable. And when that ability fails, the results can be extremely dangerous!

If the tow bar is used frequently, it will eventually experience wear and tear. The major parts to assess for wear are the pins and bolts. The pins secure the carried load to the tow bar, while the bolts provide the tow bar with the necessary flexibility to withstand hitting bumps in the road or taking corners without causing damage to the tow bar and carried load. Inspecting the pins and bolts in the tow bar to make sure they’re not worn out and are in the right place is crucial. If they are worn out the time is probably right for a new towbar installation.

So when should I do it?

Ultimately the decision to replace your towbar comes down to how often you use it. If you’re the type of person who hitches a caravan to the back of the car every weekend to get out in the great outdoors, then you might need to replace your towbar every five years. If you only use it once a year to take a trailer load of rubbish to the dump, then you might only need to replace your towbar once every ten years. Then of course there are situations where it might require instant replacement, such as a car accident that causes damage to the tow bar. For more information on towbar installation in Melbourne, get in touch with FiveStar Towbars today.

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