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Towbar installation

When you’re towing a trailer or caravan behind your car, you want to be certain that it’s secure and safe the entire length of your journey. Essential to this peace of mind is the fitting of the towbar to your vehicle. A professional installation by experienced towbar fitters like FiveStar Towbars in Melbourne will ensure the towed vehicle is secure every step of the way.

Why it’s important to have a professional install your towbar

Many people buy a towbar assuming that fitting it to the back of their car or truck will be a quick and easy task, but that’s not necessarily the case – and we’re sure that you don’t want to risk losing your trailer or caravan on a busy Melbourne highway because you opted for a DIY towbar fitting instead of getting a trained, professional installer. There are factors to consider that a Do It Yourselfer might not get quite right or just overlook completely. For example, removal and reinstallation of rear bumper bar and car interior to access mount points and wiring points. Also ensuring the wiring is done correctly, as the cars are becoming more electronically advanced, and so must the trailer wiring systems. This includes installing ECM/ECU control modules to make car lighting system independent of trailer lighting system. However, when you call on FiveStar Towbars to take care of your tow bar installation, we provide you with the complete package and peace of mind.

The mobile towbar fitting service that comes to YOU!

Unlike other businesses that make you come to them for a towbar install, FiveStar Towbars is unique in that we come to you! We provide mobile towbar fitting and installation that covers the entire Melbourne metropolitan area. Whether you’re at home,or at work our tow bar installers will travel to wherever is most convenient for you. It’s this kind of difference that has helped us build a reputation of delivering five star service for our customers. Get in touch with FiveStar Towbars today by contacting us online or calling 1300 787 008


What does the tow bar supply and installation service include?

All of our onsite or in store tow bar installation comes with everything you need to tow as soon as the job is finished, including tow ball, rated shackles and suitable wiring harness to your specified trailer connection.


What is the maximum towing capacity for my car?

The maximum tow rating can usually be found in your vehicle’s handbook. Tow bar compliance stickers which state maximum towing capacity and maximum ball weight capacity are also installed to the inside of the driver’s door and onto the towbar of every vehicle we install. Generally towbar manufacturers construct the towbar to the maximum capacities that are stated by the vehicle manufacturer, although in some cases "light duty" towbars that are under the vehicle towing capacities may also be available from some manufacturers.

Can the towing hitch/towball be left attached when not being used?

The towbar and attachments can be on the vehicle when not in use so long as the rear number plate is not obstructed from view.

Will a tow bar installation void my vehicle manufacturer warranty?

If the part is not genuine but is interchangeable with the genuine part and is ADR Approved, it is deemed appropriate for the purpose and would therefore not void your manufacturer’s warranty. If your vehicle dealer tells you otherwise we suggest asking for it in writing. See link attached for details from AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association).

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All types of towbars and tow hitches for all applications are available to be installed by Five Star Towbars. Many other accessories such as brake controllers, load levelling systems, airglide systems and anti away systems are also available.

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